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Electronic Signature Agreement approval process

I am a new certifying official, how do I get EPA approval for my Electronic Signature Agreement?

Use the table below to determine whether you need to request an Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA); and if so, how to obtain one.



Certifying Official Role

Person of authority at a facility designated to certify (or prepare and certify) TRI files for submission to EPA and the appropriate State.

New Certifying Officials

Important Notice to obtain an Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA)!

Please note that in order to use TRI-MEweb to certify any pending forms transmitted to CDX, new certifying officials must create a new user account and add TRI-MEweb in CDX. The CDX user account must apply for a certifying official role. 

  1. Certifying officials can apply for and process an ESA online in real time using a third party identification proofing vendor, or
  2. Certifying officials can print, sign, and mail an ESA to EPA's processing center (address below).  Please allow adequate time for the mailing and processing of this form, which may take up to 5 business days.


When does/doesn't your certifying official need to request a new ESA?

  • An ESA is needed for a new certifying official that is designated to a TRI facility. There are two options to obtain their ESA. Printing, signing, and mailing of an hardcopy ESA to EPA's data processing center (address below) or apply for an ESA online using a third party identification proofing vendor.
  • An ESA is needed if your preparer accidentally deletes the certifying official user profile with a previously approved ESA from TRI-MEweb after the 45 day reactivation period has expired.
  • An ESA is not needed if your certifying official submitted a signed ESA and EPA approved it in a previous year. He/she may continue to certify forms in following reporting years for the same facilities registered in their CDX certification module.


How to obtain a copy of your ESA

Option 1 - LexisNexis real-time ESA approval: A certifying official may use a third-party identity verification vendor to obtain an ESA electronically. The certifying official will need to voluntarily provide personal identifying information to the third-party vendor (EPA does not collect any personal information from our users) to authenticate his or her identity. The most significant benefit gained from using this third-party identify verification is that users will no longer need to wait up to five business days for EPA to approve an ESA. If the certifying official does not wish to provide personal information to a third-party vendor, he or she should submit a paper ESA form instead well ahead of the July 1 reporting deadline.

Option 2 - Paper ESA form. A printable ESA form can be generated during the CDX registration process. The ESA form must be signed and mailed to EPA’s Data Processing Center (DPC in figure 1) for approval before the certifying official can begin to certify any TRI forms transmitted by the preparer to CDX using TRI-MEweb. Hard copy ESA approval may take up to five business days, so please plan accordingly or consider option one, LexisNexis. Multiple TRIFIDs can also be added to a single hard copy ESA form. All newly assigned TRIFIDs will be listed in the printout of the ESA document. TRI-MEweb is updated when the ESA is approved.


Where do I send my signed ESA paper form?

You have two options to mail your signed hard copy ESA form to EPA for approval.

Regular mail service:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Attention: TRI Reporting Center
PO Box 10163
Fairfax, VA 22038

ESAs sent by certified mail or overnight delivery (i.e. Fed Ex, UPS, etc.) should be sent to the following address:

Attention: TRI-MEweb ESA

CGI Federal, Inc.

c/o EPA Reporting Center

12601 Fair Lakes Circle

Fairfax VA, 22033


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