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Where can I find my facility’s access key?

I need to load my facility account in TRI-MEweb, where can I find the access key assigned to my facility ID?

Some facilities may need to obtain their assigned six-to-seven character digit "access key" that will uniquely identify the facility profile record and load it into TRI-MEweb. TRI-MEweb saves chemical release data back to Reporting Year 2005 in each facility account. Chemical release data for Reporting Years 1991-2004 is not stored in TRI-MEweb.

You can obtain your facility access key by calling the CDX Help Desk at 888-890-1995.

Who may need to request an access key?
  • New preparers that have created a new CDX account and will transmit TRI forms for a facility that has reported TRI chemical releases to EPA in the past.
  • Preparers that want to add an unlisted facility to their TRI-MEweb account.
  • Preparers that have accidentally deleted facility profiles from their TRI-MEweb account.
  • If a facility has not previously reported to the TRI Program, a TRIFID and access key will be automatically generated within the TRI-MEweb application.
Technical Contact Person listed on the prior year's TRI forms that is designated as the technical contact for a facility.
Access Key A six-to-seven character identification number that is generated for each TRI facility identification designator (TRIFID) needed in order to securely load facility data into the TRI-MEweb account. Access keys do not change from year to year.
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