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Third party software

Can I use the TRI-MEweb application if I have my own TRI software?

Some facilities have their own software or use private software to assist in collecting chemical release data that must be reported under EPCRA Section 313. This "third party software" is often designed to produce output data files that match EPA's electronic data structure specifications. These third-party files contain data from numerous chemical releases that may be present at a single facility. Uploading these data files reduces the facility's burden by automating the data entry into the TRI-MEweb. However, a more versatile file format is now being used, extensible markup language (XML).

In order to use this feature, facilities will need to create third party data files that are valid against the TRI XML SchemaExit Disclaimer.  You must have a registered facility account or load your facility account profile using your 7 digit access key in TRI-MEweb for each individual TRI Facility ID (TRIFID) in the XML file. Third Party load is only available for XML files containing data for current year forms for the registered TRIFID. Facility information cannot be updated or changed in TRI-MEweb using third party load feature. All data loaded using Third Party Load must be validated for errors, transmitted, and certified.

For more information, please visit the Third-Party Load Tool tutorial, which can be found at www2.epa.gov/sites/production/files/tri/TutorialSWFs/TPL.swf


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